Across vast landscapes a shattered world lies in ruins from a long and troubled though glorious past. Ancient races congregate while trying to rebuild and conquer. Consider the Archon who flies the night skies, shrouded in blackness. Or consider life amongst the seas as the old Tritons who have a tight hold of their enemies. Let your will and demand for respect be known through your thunderous horn that rises regularly. There are the Grmkels who trap and turn its prey to stone and Humans who have mastered huge balls of blazing inferno.

As a citizen of Shattered World access the guilds of thievery (Keting), demon summoning (Arioch) or brute strength (Zarquon). So venture out into the unknown in a unique game play experience. Beware, this game is not WOW, it is not Runescape, nor any other clones. In fact it is best not to come with any assumptions.

Best of all its totally FREE to play!   Latest News

Shattered World is a browser based RPG. It's free, being developed by a fan of the mud Shattered World (has been around since 1990). The game works on most machines (including low spec) on different platforms (Windows and Linux (currently working on Mac version)) and on different browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari).

Game Log

Jaythedragon completes the Gnome quest.
Jaythedragon completes the Lava Bridge quest.
New player Jaythedragon begins playing.
Aywin advances to level 3.
Aywin advances to level 2.
Aywin completes the Gnome quest.
Aywin completes the Lava Bridge quest.
New player Aywin begins playing.
Cosimia enters the game.
New player Cosimia begins playing.
Klitch completes the Newcomer quest.
Klitch advances to level 4.
Klitch advances to level 3.
Klitch advances to level 2.
Klitch completes the Gnome quest.
Klitch completes the Lava Bridge quest.
Klitch enters the game.
Tonton completes the Lava Bridge quest.
New player Tonton begins playing.

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