1. Press connect

2. To play as a guest hit enter or enter a new character name to create a new character

3. Choose your sex (only if not a guest)

4. Choose your race by clicking on the race then in the menu bottom left click 'Choose as your race' or for more info on the race click on 'Race Info' in the menu.

5. To move press forward , left and right to turn (or mouse).
To look up and down use page up and page down.
Press space to fire your weapon eg crossbow or slash your sword.
x to sit down and heal

As you play collect stuff to sell or use, join guilds (get extra powers), do quests (increase your strength, intelligence, constitution etc),
buy property, play in the casino.
Become the richest, most powerful player in Shattered world and bless Shattered World with your presence.

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