Game Guides

Written by Vernadead

training tips and tricks
Guild pros and cons
Newbie FAQ
The game display diagram

Training tips and tricks:

lvl 1-6 north of sengoku
lvl 7-10 around the mine tunnel east of sanom.
lvl 11-14 ogres and goblins west of sanom.
lvl 14-23 sharks are a good source of exp for a while.
lvl 17-23 Dragon east of sanom
lvl 19-26 Low lvl knights (for arioch or team tagging), gryphons.
lvl 26+ dragons west and southwest of Deall.

guilds pros and cons

Arioch: summoners
-powerful creatures to summon in battle.
-Ability to summon guild member later in rank
-They dont last very long in the start but roaring is a way to increase control
-Roaring, like triton horns, is a form of shouting, doing it too much may look like spamming.
-Creatures can get in the way. Thus you are trying to attack the enemy and your hurting your own minion. :(
KeTing: Thieves
-Theft abilities, and backstabbing...they make a certain roguish feel to your character.
-not so newbie friendly to join. You need an item that is 4 gold and to enter requires fighting numerous rats which can take time if you don't have much armor and you stick with the bow.
-very limited use of Armour.
-No alliance thus far.
Zarquon: Berserkers
-one of the simpler guilds really.
-leveling up doesn't give more powers, but the psuedo-weapon stat boost increases and its unlimited leveling.
-possible con: tYPinG liKE an iDiOT
-walking in random directions when the spell ends.

Newbie FAQ

Where do I create my account?
How do I do the _______ quest?
How exactly do I attack?
How do I go to battle other players?
Why do players seem to appear then dissapear as they pass by?
How do I obtain a mount?
How do I get a house?
This game operates differently than many others. Can you explain?
How do I chat?

Where do I create my account?
Currently, to log in the game all you have to do is open the game itself and create a username
and a password, the only extra steps is to confirm password and choose a race.

How do I do the _________ quest?
We cannot tell you how to do any quests as spoilers are unnapproved.
Most quests are pretty strait forward. If your stuck, then you probably need
to think outside the box. I had to do them with little to no help from others,
you can too :). We try to stand out from the WoW stock standard quests.

How exactly do I attack?
Well it is tricky but even with crossbows it can be even more difficult.
You need to see face to face with the enemy. Some pixies, gnomes, rats, and cats on the streets.
Some creaturs like dragons, sharks, and snakes around the golden helmet can be hard to kill
at first. This is part of the challenge. :)
To strike/shoot. Press spacebar when the chat box is not open

Where do I go to battle other players?
Your there. A newbie dungeon to come, will not allow pvp, however.

Why do players seem to appear then dissapear as they pass by?
To cut down on lag, the game is set so the game map is divided into squares.
To follow a player, click on them then press follow on their drop down menu tab.

How do I obtain a mount?
Horses can be found in random spots in the map. There will be a guild in the future
where players can ride rocs.

How do I get a house?
In Sanom there is a real estate building. Houses cost 100 platinum (100(p)00(g)00(s)00(c) coins)

This game operates differently than many others. Can you explain?
Well this game used to be a MUD text based game, but Skinhat created a 3D graphics version of the game.
This game is made to be unique in gameplay, but follows most of the elements of the MUD. Most of your actions will be made in the bottom
of the game.

How do I chat?
in bottom section to the left, there are two buttons that do not have a name. The right side button of the two will toggle a chat box.

Temporary guide for lvl 20+

So for the time being the emphasis is on lower levels 1-15.
At this time you will want to focus on a few things.
1: Owning a House
2: Becoming a lord and completing all the quests ( some not easilly done at lower levels)
3: Aiding newcommers, in the future there will be cults and more things to do for people above lvl 15...

The more active players the sooner those features will come, and then the more people will come, etc...beneficial cycle.
4: Becoming king
5: killing city guards, look at their lvl always before attacking, and have opium with you.
6: taking in the simple but beautiful work, especially out west :)
7: get into graphics design or coding of any kind. Milkshape is $US35 dollars but has a free trial.