Ke'Ting is the keeper of the dark arts of thievery. Nothing is safe from the hands of the followers of the lord of thieves himself. Ke'Ting seeks to redistribute wealth from the wealthy to his followers. Important skills can be gained by following this god.

Thieves may also be powerful assassins, with their backstabbing ability.

How to Join
The thieves like the damp sewers of Sanom to do there business. Go there with an item of value. They dislike anyone who joins guilds other than Keting.

How to thieve
Once you join the Keting, your powers button will include 'Steal'. You will then attempt to steal from the person closest to you.

FootpadSteal from opponents
Adept footpad
ProwlerBackstab opponents
Cat prowler
BanditUse caltrops
Master banditUse thief mask
Apprentice thief
Great thief
Master thief
Apprentice nightstalker
Master nightstalker
Master of shadows