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The father of Cults.... [Founderrefugee Sep 12 04:44]
The father of Cults.
Lunatic Refugees lead by King Vernadead and his FounderRefugee.
This is an unnoficial guild as of date september 2010 until further update.
Anyone can join but the goal is to create more of a player bond while this game is still a young game.

Those who wish to join we only require to be lvl 5 to be atleast 4 days into the game and to have a newspaper entry posted. You should report directly to me if you want to join and I will keep note of who is in and has reported to me.

We will help fund you for armor set up quest help parties and we have a cult meetup house. Ask for me to open it via this account. Those who join early will be of automatic higher status in the future official cult ( i save the option to deny this if i see player is unfit).


Warning. [Wollo Jul... [Wollo Jul 25 04:58]
Warning. [Wollo Jul 23 08:26]

Them foul griffins are attacking again! Charging from the mountains killing everything in their path. They'll hit the seaside village in two days time at the rate they're moving. Soaring down from the sky scooping defenseless citizens in their sharp talons. Snapping their necks with a flick of their swift beaks the sky's are filling with blood of the innocent rivers of red run through the devastating path of these foul creatures Warrior after warrior go up against this army of mythical beasts none have yet to return. What will it take to stop them? Can they be stopped? Who will save us? Rumbles from the distance more and more the creatures flea for their very lives running from the seemingly impossible to defeat. Closer they draw eyes filled with pure rage and frustration who- or what awoke this anger that slept inside these beasts? Are they being controlled? Can one being have enough power to control such a spirit? Who's doing this and how can we stop them..

S.W's most wanted ca... [Vernadead Jul 21 23:17]
S.W's most wanted case 1
Greetings Citizens! Todays criminal is the shady man! He has been spotted peddling crack made from the Zarq. Guild building and supplying to people on the streets and guild members. He is unarmed but wily.
You can find him away from the main streets of Sanom, away from the guards.
He has a death warant for 5 gold for whoever kills him!

Mythical Creatures U... [Vernadead Jul 20 05:59]
Mythical Creatures Union
Recently, a gang of revolutionary Pixies started a group all mythical creatures across the vast lands. They have three goals in all.
1: Equality for all mythical creatures. All beings myth shall recieve health care benefits should some unruly character attempt to slay them. They have item insurance. If an unruly character steals from them, the union is responsible for reembursing them an item of equal or greater value.

2: New world order. This land once belonged to these they want it back!!!
3: To find the underground sweatshop and slave hold. This was claimed to be a myth by the civillians, but unlike the pool on top of the Sagoku castle roof, this turned out to be actually true. Many creatures have been captured and forced to do work, various kinds of work. They are malnurished and tethered by their feet and necks. Only few actually know where this place is, including myself..but I will never tell...never..muahahahaha

G-g-g-ghosts!!! [Vernadead Jul 20 05:41]
Recently in the quaint town of Sagoku, numerous ghost sitings have been reported. Apparently a crusade of men went to save the life of Thoths prisoner and were never found again. Now their souls are terrorizing the guards. Some have been teamed up with thieves, heretics, and killers to distract the guards and local merchants, as well as the animals that dwell in the city.
One of the brave soldiers who went on the mission to save Thoths prisoner claims he has been in ghost mode, and even communicated with god! Fact or theory, that-fellow readers-is for you to decide! If you see one of these deviant ghosts, do whatever you can to drive them into the ectoplasm.

Where Are The Berser... [Navonn Jul 19 21:49]
Where Are The Berserkers
We have'nt seen the berserkers where are they are they hiding are are they dead
i been looking for them since day one never seen them
i try to join them but dont know where
where could they be i search each corner looking for them no sign
so they mystery continues ______ ___ ______ !!!!!
\\ / ! ! ! \\ ! !!!!!
\\ / ! _ ! ! \\ ! !!!!!
\\ /\\ / ! / \\ !_____ ! / !_____ !!!
\\ / \\ / !/ ! ! ! / ! !
\\ / \\ / ! ! ! ! \\ !
\\/ \\/ ! ! !______ ! \\ !______ .

::1stDEGRE GUIDE::::... [Redlight Jul 18 06:14]
::1stDEGRE GUIDE:::::

This article is written for beginner players who want to advance in the game the most simple way.


LEVELING UP: To level up you need of course experience points which you gain by attempting to do quests and slaying beasts. But your character
doesn't automatically level up, You need to go to the adventure hall and request an advancement.

BREAKRULES?: If you attack anything within the Kingdoms, Cities, Villages you won't win the fight. Some NPC are also not killable. So don't try!


When you first begin you are given a crossbow and some money and a ticket to buy soap. Don't spen the money yet!

Begin by weilding your cossbow then go North which is a mountain next to sanom. Here is a perfect spot to train on pixies and gnomes! Remember only attack pixies and gnomes! Also, you would see a spot with big bright rocks places to form a cirlcle, AVOID this because this is a dragon territory!

Once you obtain enough money, such as 8 gold, stop what your doing and go into sanom, go into stores and see what in your items you can sell. Once you sold what you can, go to Sagoku and look for the smither who smiths weapons. Located South West of Sagoku. Buy a weapon suitable for you.

Then go to the adventures hall in Sagoku, located in the intersection that forms a T. If your looking south, it should be west of you. Go in there, request an advancement, do it as many times times tell it says you can't advnace no longer. Then look at your quest options if you want.

By now you already are well introduce to the game. Go back to Sanom and look for the boards and post your Hellos and who you are.


You can join both guilds, but that is way to complicated for a beginner, so just choose one for now.

They are considered the Berserkers. They have more ranks than the Arioch. Offer you less constitution in the beginning. Only offers one power which is Berserk.

The power basically maked you twice as stronger and more defensive. You will be automatically weilded with a battleaxe. Your screen will turn partly red. Power last for a short period, 10minutes (Hasn't been properly timed yet)

If you want to go out and always use berserk to kill 2hit kill stuff, then this is your fast killing and leveling up method guild!

They are considered the demon summoners. Less ranks than Zarquon, 12 to be exact. Offers a lot of constitution in the beginning. Offers 2 power in the beginning, Summon best demon and summon demon. It costs 5silver to buy pentagram to train your summoning or summon demons.

Powers in the beginning is simple. The demons you summon in the beginning are called Imp then later on it is called Hothrog. After this you should summon best demon if you trained your controlling well. You also get powers where you can take other players demons', attack creatures with your demon, make the demon roar which trains your controllment of a demon, summon guild members.

If you want a sidekick and also outbeat everyone in your constition as a beginner, then this is your guild!


In sanom. If you are entering from the East gate, as soon as you see the guard, turn left onto that street. Keep walking tell you see another street in the right of you turn there. You should see a building in the right of you that has blood on the walls and a candle row in the ground. Also should be the second building

South of sanom and northwest from sagoku. You should a gothic looking building with a path inbetween and dragons looking like they are guarding. Walk upon the path, you should see an opening. Walk in the opening and keep walking tell you come to the end which you will see satan.


I"ll be updating this everytime I figure out something new

...:::::..:::..READ ... [Redlight Jul 08 06:53]
...:::::..:::..READ ME..:::::...::::

Hello all,

If you're reading this then you are the few dedicated players giving this game a chance.

Well the purpose of this aritcle is to introduce myself. My name is Redlight and I am currently an active player of this game, learning the world and mastering what I can. I like communicating with others and hopefuilly doing quests or hanging out with other players. Well what I'm saying is, you can Mail me or message me anytime, I'll be responding!

Hope to hear from you!

Welcome to Shattered World!



The Boogey Man....................[Byron Aug 23 14:39]
The worst kept secret this month is that the Boogey Man has come out
of the closet. When interviewed he apparently said he had been
thinking about it for some time but decided he didn want to live a
lie anymore. When questioned by this reporter he adamantly denied
this was a publicity stunt for his newly formed band the Sanom
Village People. Speculation is mounting in some circles that a disco
may soon be opening in the casino to cater for "happy people". A
further rumour also doing the rounds is that the Zookeeper is not
actullally disposing of the rat produce given to him by many
residents and citizens of this great city. According to a well placed
Draconian source the dung is actually collected and shipped to a well
known restaurant to the west of our city and used as sausage filler!
There surely can be no truth to the story that a menu item Rattapooi
will soon be added to the fare in that establishment. Next issue we
will reveal the goings on of a certain lady in order to attract
newbies to her guild. The shock in a frock - or not!

Concerned.........................[Byron Aug 23 14:39]
I am deeply concerned about the wizards shedding there clothes and
leaving them lying around in the wilderness. Time and time again I
see black leather masks, a pair of blue steel pants and leather
skirts lying around in forests. I think as Shattered World players we
need to have confidence that the immortals are morally uncorruptable.
The wizards of Shattered Worlds are our moral guardians, beacons of
light that we should all look up to and cherish. This filthy kind of
debauchery and displays of nudity surely shake the foundations of
what Shattered World was built on.

Pixie Mayhem......................[Dude Aug 23 14:42]
The rumours are true. Pixie's exist, and are taking control with
there mischevious tricks and pranks! When you see a Pixie be
cautious, if he/she offers you something, be wary... It may be a
trick. If a Pixie asks you to do something, be sure you know what you
are doing and watch your back.

Royal Decree [Vernadead Jul 26 08:09]
On this fine day on July 26 2010 I Vernadead beoame king and ruler over this vast land. This will be a new world order!
Here are some rights of passage i have established for all.
Lvl 13- It is wise that a soldier with a brave heart shall kill one (1) shark upon the island captured by Thoth.
Lvl 15- Slayeth the mighty dragon. The treasury loses diamond after diamond to that blasted dragon.
lvl 19- Alas bravest heros. We are in the midst of a war between players and gryphons. Kill one and bathe in its blood and you are truly a man.

1 I am always right
2 I am always right if i am wrong i am actually right

3 I am the leader now not you
4 No there is no more rum i drank it all.
5 Skinhat is usually right not always as much as I but generallly his word can be trusted. :)
6: no stealing from me including demons.

Have a good day lovely citizens. Know that I work for you! For when Navonn was king I was one of you.


PS: taxes rased to 30% :p

Game guide V2.0 [Vernadead Nov 14 05:20]
Congratulations! You made it out of the dungeon!
As a new member you are probably confused on what to do.
here are a number of ideas of how to start.
1: Do some quests take on the easier ones like the rat hunt submit an article (worth reading) finding the turtle.
2: wreak havoc on gnomes and pixies then move onto goblins in the east and west.
3: once you feel confident in your preteen levels try quests like thoth and wheres lefeat and prisoner.
4: take to the seas and find sharks in your mid and late teens untill you feel ready to venture westwards.

Other things you can do in Shattered world;
You can
A: save up sell as much junk as you can and bank the cash get to the point of buying a home.
B: Become a lord and fight for the title as king.
C: Become a newspaper lord :) We could use some creative minds.

And much more :)

please check out
(the main website) for much more information.

Rat Problem [Ricktal... [Vernadead Dec 11 22:40]
Rat Problem [Ricktall Nov 15 16:12]
Rat Problem

As many of you have noticed there is a huge infestation of Rat's around here kill any rat you see even if it is just one small rat this is very important because if we do not act now soon we will be crawling in them! Okay not that bad but maybe we'll have to fight through hordes of rat's!

News Article written by
Rick Tall

The Year is 506 2nd ... [Bremen Dec 11 23:07]
The Year is 506 2nd Age. My name is Bremen I am a Ketting rank great thief. I have found Sarraks has broken the one rule the that cannot be broken. the is never steal from another thief I shall have decided as mush as much as I like Sarrak it will only get worse. after I reveal this to the Ketting council. I will take control of the guild. And I will steer the guild toward somthing Sarrak never even dreamed of. I willl train the thiefs more deeply in the arts of the Ketting and I will establish protection from the Gaurds. I will be better than my Master.

Bremen Great thief.


The kings Slave. [Vigilantex Dec 19 20:14]
Lots of controversy has been associated with King Vernadead and his slave. Why wouldnt any decent man ignorant to the truth be concerned?
The thing is...long time ago a demon had a naked lady chained up in a dungeon. Who better to rescue his citizens than the king?
This young lady virginity may or may not be in tact felt a duty of service to him. She turned down her job entry for the whorehouse and gone to live with king vernadead.

That is the story in truth. There is no cruelty but loyalty. No regrets but patriotism.

hello players/people [Remycatman Feb 15 01:03]

you seen dogs all around and wonder if theres pets in the game? Well to anwser that there are and theres just 3-4 simple steps:

1)buy or get food
2)find a dog
3)(optional)pick between sengoku or samon dogs
4)drop food

After droping the food the dog will like you and yo can name the dog. now what are you wating for go get your self a dog(cats can't be tamed)!



As some of you are awear there have been reports of large whales and jumping sharks just off the shores of the shattered world. These may not be a danger to the more experienced players but for the the new and happy sailers/swimmers they can cause a major disstress
the whales are generally a much higher level ranging from 25-35; and the sharks leveled around 5-15 (from what i've seen)
As i've said not much bother to the higher players.
When sailing look out for the sharks for they will jump out the water to snap and if in that area too long can cause some damage the whales on the other hand are much more peaceful and will only react when attacked.
so when traveling to different island spend some time to disembark and whaling or shark hunting and after its sushi for all.
enjoy :)