Shattered World has the races of human, archon, triton and grmkel. Each race has special powers and abilities:


Demons of darkness

Archons are majestic demonic beings with midnight black horns protruding from their skulls. They possess prehensile barbed tails for which to impale their victims on and scaly wings to fly about and can move fast.
New Archons can fly about 12 feet off the ground but experienced Archons can fly much higher.


    Rulers of the seas

Strong, Tritons rule the seas and have been known to drag their prey to a watery death with their tentacles.


    Numerous and flexible

Humans have fireballs. They are flexible, being suitable for any guild and able to use and wear almost all weapons and armour.


    Sluglike creatures with a deadly stare

Tough and possess a terrifying gaze attack that turns victims to stone, Grmkels are a formidable combination of strength and magicks.

How to choose your race
When you start Shattered World for the first time you can choose your character.

Click on your race and select bottom left menu thats the race you want. You can also see more info in the menu.

How to see your powers
To see what powers your race has click the powers button. For example humans have fireballs.